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Retinoid X receptor (RxR) agonists are ligand-dependent nuclear receptors involved in the processes of retinoid signaling in normal hematopoiesis and cell development (cell patterning, proliferation, and differentiation). 

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Liver Diseases


Neuro-inflammatory Disease


COPD, Allergic Respiratory Diseases


Elaina Project

Living with Good Stress

Cure neuro-inflammation

AIBIOS R&D team has scientifically proved that chronic stress may cause micro-inflammation in the brain.

Some people are more sensitive to the stress, and sometimes suffer from digestive problems and face heart problems. Currently, there are no biomarkers that can predict the stress sensitivity and no medicines that can prevent and/or treat the worsening of long term stress-induced diseases.

Recent findings about ''Stress Gateway Reflex'' helps us to explore a new scientific concept that certain immune cells are important for deterioration of stress responses, and can provide potential treatment for the unmet medical needs. We are currently

working on developing diagnostics and novel methodologies

for stress-associated inflammatory, neurodegenerative, respiratory, and cardiovascular diseases.



Novel pathway of

studying immune system

Natural killer (NK) cells play an important role in controlling cancer, infectious disease, transplant rejection, and autoimmune diseases. Immunoglobulin-like receptors (KIRs) are present on the surface of NK cells, in which KIRs are very highly polymorphic and make up one of the paired receptor family which is a family consisting of activating and inhibitory type receptors.

The activation of NK cells depends on a ration of expression level of inhibitory type KIRs, and activating type KIRs and the presence of ligands on target cells. Further, the KIR family share high sequence homology in the extracellular domain, and often that the inhibitory and activating type KIRs recognize an identical ligand.

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