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Accelerate the power of science to improve
patient lives

At AIBIOS, applying our unique knowledge and expertise for the benefit of our society and the environment. We invest and innovate relentlessly to tackle unmet needs, creating new medicines and health care approaches for a healthier world.

Future of gastroen-terology

We continuously strive to improve treatment expectations for patients living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). We work with partners to tackle global challenges and shape the future of disease management.


In a rapidly changing society, our core vision is exploring the secrets and mechanisms of science in order to contribute to people's health and happiness.


Understanding the diversity of diseases and delivering treatment based on immune regulation.


Evolving the foundation for a new era of drug discovery, leading the transformation to co-creation of value to expectations for a life better-lived.


Our first Priority is patients

We are passionate about translating innovation science into effective treatment that transform lives around the world. By putting patients first, we explore new medical innovations and ways to provide access to quality healthcare.

Pursuing innovative research across Immunology - Inflammation and Oncology

We’re in relentless pursuit of new ways to address patients’ most serious health issues. We concentrate our efforts on Immunology and Oncology area. The research team discovers promising new immunology pathways and targets which inspired and guided by those whose lives are affected by immune-mediated diseases. Our current milestone motivates us to continue that exploration and follow the mission to bring a better quality of life for patients through science.

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