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Invited to present in 2022 Taiwan-Japan Cancer Immunotherapy Conference

The "2022 Taiwan-Japan Cancer Immunotherapy Conference", jointly organized by Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries Promotion Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Association for Taiwan-Japan Cooperation on Industrial Technology, will be held on August 25, 2022. 

With the rapid growth of the market, cancer immunotherapy has become an important trend in global drug development. The R&D team of AIBIOS has been focusing on immune-related research and finding new targets for novel immunotherapies. In this international conference, we will present the new progress of our breakthrough antibody drug, which we hope will bring a new dawn to immunotherapy.


Innovations in the Development of Synthetic Small Molecule Drug,
Contribute to SDGs by reducing waste fluid from drug synthesis

Drug development, from the viewpoint of "health and well-being of all human beings" from the SDGs, seeks new small molecule oral drugs that can be obtained at low prices. At the same time, a large-scale synthesis method was successfully developed, which can reduce the pollution to the environment.


Completes JPY ¥770 Million Financing Round to Advance Its Drug Discovery Programs for Immunological Disorders

This round was led by SBI Investment Co., Ltd., along with participation from Beyond Next Ventures Inc. and Axil Capital Partners LLP, both of whom are current shareholders of AIBIOS. The proceeds of the funding will be used to advance the company’s current preclinical pipeline and to strengthen its intellectual property estate.


The 62nd Japan Biochemical Association Academic Research Contribution Award

Research and development for measuring the ligand binding on retinoid X receptors. 

RESI Research Innovation Award

AIBIOS concentrate our efforts on Immunology and Oncology area. Our relentless drive to discover promising new immunology pathways and targets is inspired and guided by those whose lives are touched by immune-mediated diseases. Our research received great response at RESI and won the Top 3 Innovation Award.


Received  the award of Top 10 Startup Biotech from Startup City

AIBIOS invest and innovate relentlessly to tackle unmet needs, creating new medicines and health care approaches for a healthier world.


Innovations TV

 A joint study with Hokkaido University presents the possibility that life stress may have an impact on gastrointestinal inflammation.


Launched joint research project with Hokkaido University on immune checkpoint antibody drugs

Joint research with Hokkaido University to develop immune checkpoint antibody drugs for cancer treatment from the perspective of immunotherapy.


Signed exclusive license agreement with Okayama University

 Started joint research with the Synthetic Organic Chemistry Laboratory of Okayama University.

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