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Immunomodulating Therapy New Drug Discovery Platform

WE are developing a series of novel class of orally administered drugs with the potential to restore the balance of immune system. Our diverse and growing pipeline includes candidates targeting inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

HP_Pipeline graphic_NEW.png


Our leading compound aimed at treating IBD in balancing disturbed immune system and designed with limited systemic exposure rather restricted distribution in GI tract, differentiates from other compounds not only in modulating T cells but also macrophages in particular.



Our lead in fighting neuroinflammatory disorders, targeting inflammatory immune cells and validated in one unique inflammation-based neurological disorder model and showed. significant potential treating multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.


The lead in treating COPD, especially for emphysema patients, reducing pulmonary inflammatory response and validated in different models and shows efficacy, exerting its effects through various types of immune cells and cytokines.

Our Clients


NK cell targeting antibody, a novel and innovative therapeutic to modulate NK cells, potentiate its application in immunotherapy, boost its role in eliminating tumor cells, a new angle to benefit cancer patients.

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